I'm Lauren and I'm a 20 year old artist from Connecticut. Asexual and cool as hell.


Do NOT shame people for choosing not to go to school.

Do NOT insult people for dropping out.

Do NOT teach your children that dropping out means you are a failure. 

You never know what’s going on in that person’s life.


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Going through another phase where I feel super alone and like I can’t relate because I’m asexual and no one fucking knows how confusing that can be and no one fucking knows how crazy it can drive a 20 year old who’s surrounded by people who understand sex

I seriously think most people brush this off as me being stupid or thinking it’s not a real thing or not something that could fuck with a person but you wouldn’t understand unless it was you

It’s hard and it sucks and I don’t know what to do


You are her favorite because you’re a long shot.

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I have an old car and I’m always worried about the engine and the fluids and just the overall well being of it and I find myself sometimes comparing the human body to a car and I’m 20 years old and already feel like my check engine light is on

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since you been gone, I been having withdrawals.

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So I’ve been feeling really down in the dumps about myself and not confident and like a stranger trapped in someone else’s body and just kinda like everything I wear looks like poop and my hair is poop and my face is getting weird looking or something and I don’t think I’m the eyebrow queen anymore (it’s like I forgot how to fill them in without them looking fake) and like I’m trying so hard to switch up my style or something like for some reason I want big ripped high waisted mom jeans that I can roll up a little and wear my vans with????? I don’t know I picture it but then I realize my legs are too big to wear pants that are even bigger than them because then I would look obese and get made fun of by all the people who hate the fact that I exclusively wear high waisted things. Also I think because I’ve been working all summer and eating out all the time I’ve gained at least 10 pounds so that sucks and on top of that I want to cut my bangs off but I’m not sure how they looked on me?

This is very whiney ranting I know and I can’t find my actual physical diary so in my head tumblr is the next best thing because maybe I can get some feedback?


to anyone who has seen my butt: you’re welcome

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